Annual Donation

Donations can also be made via check to the “Cartoon Art Museum” and sent to: Cartoon Art Museum 781 Beach Street, FL 1 San Francisco, CA 94109

The Cartoon Art Museum’s Annual Fund Donation Campaign runs now through March 2019. This year’s campaign has the backing of an anonymous donor who will provide up to $25,000 in matching donations. Any donations left unmatched will have to be offered back to the donor.
Those who donate are encouraged to celebrate their contribution by tagging the Cartoon Art Museum on your favorite social media platform and encouraging others to contribute at!

Letter from the Executive Director

Wee Pals Panel by Morrie Turner
October 28th marked our first year in the new location at 781 Beach Street. It took more than a year to secure and prepare the space, and we are forever grateful to everyone who helped to make it happen, those who encouraged us, supported us and advised us.
The new location provides many new opportunities and offerings. Our reading room will evolve into a full library for visitors to immerse themselves further into the original material that is highlighted on our gallery walls. Our kids corner provides a place for kids big and small to be creative. Our education room is an inspirational space for students to learn and create. Our galleries offer flexibility for large presentations as well as new interactive experiences for all our visitors.
Our programs have been revived and reimagined. We continue to explore new ways to use the museum space to maximize what we have to offer. We have made great strides in raising public awareness about our new location, but our relocation has not come without challenges. However, with your support we will be able to keep the medium alive and give voice to the creators and creative process that has enriched all of our lives.
Please contribute to our continued effort to fulfill our mission to ignite imaginations and foster the next generation of visual storytellers by celebrating the rich history of the art form, its role in society, and its universal appeal today!

2018 Exhibitions

2018 exhibitions

2018 Programs


  • Summer Late Night Fridays
  • Cartoonists In Real Life
  • Toon Talk: Aardman Studios Presents: Early Man
  • Secret Loves of Geeks North American Launch
  • and more!


  • Parent + Child, Teen and Adult Workshops
  • Monthly Cartooning for Kids and Teens
  • Full Day Summer Cartoon Camp
  • Outreach to Camps, Schools, Libraries
  • and more!

You can help us foster future cartoonists with an Annual Fund contribution supporting educational programs at the museum or by bringing programs to your local school, library, business or public facility.
For details reach out to
Neighborhood Animation Background Art by Eyvind Earl and Bob Dranko. Gift of Mike and Jeanne Glad.

Continuing Legacy

The Cartoon Art Museum’s vision is to be the premier destination to experience cartoon art in all its many forms from around the world, and a leader in providing insight into the creative process.
Each exhibition and program raises the bar and expands what’s possible in our new home. We want to offer the best museum experience. With your contribution we can do just that. We can upgrade existing display cases and hanging systems and design custom interactive exhibition displays. We can build a digital art lab and increase our educational offerings. We can host the hottest names in illustration, comics and animation for public programs. We can expand our artist programs and offer honorariums to support them.
With your help there are infinite possibilities for how the museum will continue our legacy of preserving and championing the cartoon arts, but it all depends on your support. Please contribute today.


Capital Campaign Contributors:



Anonymous; George Lucas Family Foundation; Eric Roberts Foundation; San Francisco Arts Commission;San Francisco Arts Commission, Northern CA Community Loan Fund and Community Arts Stabilization Trust: Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Program; and Malcolm & Karen Whyte


Bil Keane Family, Johnson / Glenewinkel Family, Mischa McLachlan, The Walt and Lilly Disney Foundation, and Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation


Anonymous, John & Lori Butler, Jules Bacal & Anne Newman, Michael & Susan Kahn, Christopher & JoAnn Killackey, Rebecca & David Mandel, and Lisa & Peter Westley


Burgo the Wonder Hamster, Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg, Rick & Gail Gray (in honor of Summerlea Kashar), L. Gaye Hirz (in memory of Jerome B. Feinstein, a real fan), Larry & Barbara Kashar (in honor of Summerlea Kashar), Angus MacLane & Tashana Landray, Malcolm III & Julie Mc Dade – Whyte, Tim & Kirsty Mooney, Tim Muller & Family, Frank A. Norick & Donna M. Garaventa, Mike Schrag, Ronald & Kathy Sonenthal, and Andrew & Jackie Whyte


Jim & Marcia Allegretti, Meriko Borogove, The Evans Family, Kit & Linda Hinrichs, Victoria Slichter, Emmett W. MacCorkle, Arlene Inch, George & Debbie Montgomery, Eugene Y. Park, Andy Robbins, David W. Keith & Shawna Rosen, Greg Rucka & Jen Van Meter, Ronald L. & Mona Schwartz, Gilbert W. Schlerf, and Heather & Billy Terrell

Thank You for Your Support!

Major Donors

(FY 2017 & 2018)

Angels ($25K and up):

Anonymous (Endowment Gift), George Lucas Family Foundation, Grants for the Arts, and Malcolm & Karen Whyte

Friends ($1K and up):

Anonymous, Andrews McMeel Universal, Employer Matching Grants, Fleishhacker Foundation, Tashana Landray and Angus MacLane, Kenny Leung, Mericos Foundation, Muller Family Foundation, Steve Purcell and Collette Michaud, San Francisco Legacy Business Program, Raina Telgemeier, Michael Todasco, YBCBD Community Benefit Grant, David Yu, and the Zellerbach Family Foundations

Supporters ($250+):

Jumana Al Hashal, Jeffrey Brown, Curtis Canaday, Airtable (Mazetoon Sponsor), Marian Goldeen (in honor of Jordan Breeding), Kevin Hoctor, Blake Lawit, Charlotte Mackay, Michael Orlovsky, Mary (Jenny) Parrish, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Lisa Westley, Timothy Wood, and Anonymouse (Mazetoons Sponsorship)

Supporters ($100+):

Shioko Tsukahara Anderson, James Barlow, Aggie Bayer, Elizabeth Boults & Charles Sullivan, Jeffrey Brown, Gerald Bulmash, The Cady Angeles Family Trust, Jim Capobianco, Lucy Shelton Caswell, MK Czerwiec Productions, Dallas De Atley, Eric Evers, Tony and Martha Farago, Thomas Gammill, Ellen Garber, Noah Gaspar, Joseph Gerharz, Mick Gray, Linda Hinrichs, L. Gaye Hirz, David Hook, Michael Jantze, Kevin Kallagher, Jason Macario and Steven Holst, Frederick and Kitty Mann, Cathy Maupin, Katherine McFadden, Eric Morey, Clark Newby, Michael Pascale, Jeanne Perkins, Jenny Robb, Victoria Robinson, Francis Sanders, Helen Sause, Ron Schwartz, Walter Shaw, Betsey Streeter, Chris Verwymeren, Brian & Abby Walker, Jonathan Wise, Philip Witte, Anthony Yun