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Become a Cartoon Art Museum member and preserve the art and history of cartoons and comics! We depend on the generous contributions of our members to continue this important work. Your support will help us serve the community through exciting exhibits, educational programs, and the collection and the preservation of cartoon art.


ways to support


All contributions to the Cartoon Art Museum are a tax-deductible way to support the arts in San Francisco. Your contribution will be applied directly to an exhibition sponsorship, our Cartoon Camp education program, or the museum’s operating budget.


To learn more, contact our Executive Director, Summerlea Kashar, at


Corporate donations

Maximize your donation by asking your company if your donation is eligible for matching funds.


You can help us foster future cartoonists with an Annual Fund contribution supporting educational programs at the museum or by bringing programs to your local school, library, business or public facility.

Legacy Gift or Bequest

Plan for the next generation by including the Cartoon Art Museum in your estate plans. Legacy donations provide continuing support for the museum for years to come.


Support the museum’s mission with donations of computer equipment, audio/visual equipment, office supplies, drawing tables, art supplies for our cartooning classes, or other educational materials.


Donate your original comic or animation artwork to the museum and ensure that it will be preserved for the enjoyment and education of future generations.


Donate books to the McLachlan Reading Room and Library to share them with the general public and qualified researchers.


Get Involved!

Be a part of our community and the museum’s legacy.


Donors & Contributors

The Cartoon Art Museum relies on donations and grants to support its programs, exhibitions, and daily operations costs. Our deepest thanks go to the generous donors who support the museum's work and ensure its future. We couldn't do it without you.


Major Donors (FY 2017 & 2018)

Angels ($25K and up)

  • Anonymous (Endowment Gift)

  • George Lucas Family Foundation

  • Grants for the Arts

  • Malcolm & Karen Whyte

Friends ($1K and up)

  • Anonymous   

  • Andrews McMeel Universal

  • Employer Matching Grants

  • Fleishhacker Foundation

  • Tashana Landray and Angus MacLane

  • Kenny Leung

  • Mericos Foundation

  • Muller Family Foundation

  • Steve Purcell and Collette Michaud

  • San Francisco Legacy Business Program

  • Raina Telgemeier

  • Michael Todasco

  • YBCBD Community Benefit Grant

  • David Yu

  • Zellerbach Family Foundations

Supporters ($250+)

  • Jumana Al Hashal

  • Jeffrey Brown

  • Curtis Canaday

  • Airtable (Mazetoons Sponsorship)

  • Marian Goldeen (in honor of Jordan Breeding)

  • Kevin Hoctor

  • Blake Lawit

  • Charlotte Mackay

  • Michael Orlovsky

  • Mary (Jenny) Parrish

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation

  • Lisa Westley

  • Timothy Wood

  • Anonymouse (Mazetoons Sponsorship)


  • Shioko Tsukahara Anderson

  • James Barlow

  • Aggie Bayer

  • Elizabeth Boults and Charles Sullivan

  • Jeffrey Brown (not the artist)

  • Gerald Bulmash

  • The Cady Angeles Family Trust

  • Jim Capobianco

  • Lucy Shelton Caswell

  • MK Czerwiec Productions

  • Dallas De Atley

  • Eric Evers

  • Tony and Martha Farago

  • Thomas Gammill

  • Ellen Garber

  • Noah Gaspar

  • Joseph Gerharz

  • Mick Gray

  • Linda Hinrichs

  • L. Gaye Hirz

  • David Hook

  • Michael Jantze

  • Kevin Kallagher

  • Jason Macario and Steven Holst

  • Frederick and Kitty Mann

  • Cathy Maupin

  • Katherine McFadden

  • Eric Morey

  • Clark Newby

  • Michael Pascale

  • Jeanne Perkins

  • Jenny Robb

  • Victoria Robinson

  • Francis Sanders

  • Helen Sause

  • Ron Schwartz

  • Walter Shaw

  • Betsey Streeter

  • Chris Verwymeren

  • Brian and Abby Walker

  • Jonathan Wise

  • Philip Witte

  • Anthony Yun 


Capital Campaign Contributors


  • Anonymous

  • George Lucas Family Foundation

  • Eric Roberts Foundation

  • San Francisco Arts Commission

  • San Francisco Arts Commission, Northern CA Community Loan Fund and Community Arts Stabilization Trust:  Nonprofit Displacement Mitigation Program

  • Malcolm and Karen Whyte


  • Bil Keane Family

  • Johnson / Glenewinkel family

  • Mischa McLachlan

  • The Walt and Lilly Disney Foundation

  • Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation


  • Anonymous

  • John and Lori Butler

  • Jules Bacal and Anne Newman

  • Michael and Susan Kahn

  • Christopher & JoAnn Killackey

  • Rebecca & David Mandel

  • Lisa and Peter Westley


  • Burgo the Wonder Hamster

  • Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg

  • Rick and Gail Gray (in honor of Summerlea Kashar)

  • L. Gaye Hirz (in memory of Jerome B. Feinstein, a real fan)

  • Larry and Barbara Kashar (in honor of Summerlea Kashar)

  • Angus MacLane and Tashana Landray

  • Malcolm III and Julie Mc Dade-Whyte

  • Tim & Kirsty Mooney

  • Tim Muller and Family

  • Frank A. Norick and Donna M. Garaventa

  • Mike Schrag

  • Ronald and Kathy Sonenthal

  • Andrew and Jackie Whyte


  • Jim and Marcia Allegretti

  • Meriko Borogove

  • The Evans Family

  • Kit and Linda Hinrichs

  • Victoria Slichter

  • Emmett W. MacCorkle

  • Arlene Inch

  • George and Debbie Montgomery

  • Eugene Y. Park

  • Andy Robbins

  • David W. Keith and Shawna Rosen

  • Greg Rucka and Jen Van Meter

  • Ronald L. and Mona Schwartz

  • Gilbert W. Schlerf

  • Heather and Billy Terrell