Cartoon Art Museum Doubles Donations and Expands Programming at San Diego’s Comic-Con International 2019


San Diego Convention Center, 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA

Booth #1930

Requires Convention Badge

The Cartoon Art Museum will return to Comic-Con International, held July 17-21, 2019 in San Diego at their regular booth space #1930. The museum will be raising contributions for their general fund through their annual Sketch-a-thon, hosting panels and running more cartooning workshops than ever.

The Cartoon Art Museum’s annual Sketch-a-thon fundraiser features comic industry artists from all over that volunteer their time and talent to draw sketch rewards for donations to the museum starting at $10 and up. This year a generous donor has challenged the museum to match $25,000 in contributions to the museum over the summer, including the historic Sketch-a-thon. The full list of artists follows at the end of this article.

In addition to fundraising the museum will also carry several catalogs, including a museum exclusive signed editions of Grains of Sand: 25 Years of Sandman, From Bloom County to Mars, and more. Plus find unique comic and related books at their booth #1930 like May it Amuse the Court and pre-order signed and sketched copies of Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight by Cartoon Art Museum Curator Andrew Farago.

Cartoon Art Museum staff will also host or take part in several signings, panels and workshops for comic lovers young and old.

Panels, Signings and Workshops

Thursday, July 18

BATMAN: 80 Years of The Dark Knight, 11am-12pm, Comic-Con Museum

Cartoon Art Museum Curator Andrew Farago looks bat at eight decades of DC’s iconic Caped Crusader in a special presentation at San Diego’s Comic-Con Museum.

Batman and the Secret Origin of Bill Finger, 4-5pm, Room 23ABC

Tom King (Batman, Mister Miracle) and Marc Andreyko (Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77, Supergirl) lead a discussion and Q&A with Marc Tyler Nobleman (Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman) on his nine-year campaign to add Bill Finger to the Batman credit line and the unprecedented documentary Batman & Bill, which has been compared to (no joke) everything from This Is Us and Serial to Rocky and Citizen Kane. Moderated by Cartoon Art Museum Curator Andrew Farago.  

Prism Awards: Diversity and Recognition in Comics, 5-6pm, Room 28DE

The winners of the Third Annual Prism Awards will be revealed in this part panel discussion and part awards ceremony full of fabulous fun! Founders Maia Kobabe (Gender Queer: A Memoir), Ted Abenheim (Prism Comics), and Nina L. Taylor Kester (Cartoon Art Museum/Queer Comics Expo), and judges Heidi McDonald (Comics Beat) and Mey Rude will discuss the awards and their emerging role in recognizing, promoting, and celebrating diversity and excellence in the field of queer comics and present the handcrafted Prism Awards to the winning creators. Plus, you never know what queer icons just might show up! 

Friday, July 19

Cartoon Art Museum Demo: Watercolor for Cartooning, 7-8pm, Room 2

Watercolors can be a magical medium for any artform, including comics. Watch beginner to advanced technique demonstrations meant specifically for comics led by educator Nina L. Taylor Kester (museum program coordinator). Plus, watch as Alina Chau (Marshmallow & Jordan) and Ben Seto (Skullbunnies) share their mastery of this classic medium to create wondrous works of comic art. Lucky attendees will win some of the art created or go home with an art kit to start their own watercolor adventure. Materials provided by Sakura of America, General Pencil, and Blick Art Supplies.

Saturday, July 20

Autograph signing, 2-3pm, Insight Editions booth #3721

Cartoon Art Museum Curator Andrew Farago will sign free promotional posters for his forthcoming book Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond

Sunday, July 21

 Spotlight on Jae Lee, 12-1pm, Room 4

Have you wondered what life is like for a comic book artist? Are you looking for tips and tricks of the trade? If so, please join Comic-Con special guest Jae Lee for his spotlight panel. Moderated by Cartoon Art Museum Curator Andrew Farago.

Cartoon Art Museum Workshop: Drawing Characters, 2-3pm, Room 11

Cartoon Art Museum friends and educators Alex Simmons (The Art of Making Comics /Blackjack /Archie) and Melissa Pagluica (Above the Clouds) will present a beginner workshop for the whole family. Fans young and old looking to get started in drawing cartoons and creating characters can follow along in this interactive program. Learn how to use basic shapes to create some of your favorite characters. Drawing materials are provided by Sakura of America and General Pencil.

Cartoon Art Museum: Let's Play!, 3:30-4:30pm, Room 2

Let's play comics! Participate in three family-friendly comic art minigames that you can play at home, led by the by educator Nina L. Taylor Kester (Cartoon Art Museum) and artists Steenz (co-creator of Archival Quality /cartoonist/editor), Michael Son (Tapas, editor-in-chief), Thien Pham (Sumo, Level Up), and more. Open your eyes to a whole world of creative visual storytelling games like Creature Creator, Exquisite Corpse, Dungeons & Dragons and Mangaka/Cartooner. Supplies provided by Sakura of America, General Pencil, and Blick Art Supplies. 

Cartoon Art Museum: San Diego Comic-Con Sketch-A-Thon Schedule

Table #1930

Thursday, July 18

11:00am-12:00pm: Ambrose Quintanilla IV, Kraig Rasmussen

12:00-1:00pm: Ryan Claytor

1:00-2:00pm: Chuck Whelon, Matthew Loux

2:00-3:00pm: Rantz Hoseley, John Hageman

3:00-4:00pm: Melissa Pagluica, Nina Taylor Kester

4:00-5:00pm: Greg Espinoza, Rick Lucey

5:00-6:00pm: Stephen Notley, Lonnie Millsap

6:00-7:00pm: Chris Brandt

Friday, July 19

11:00am -12:00pm: Andrew Farago, Kraig Rasmussen

12:00-1:00pm: Dean LeCrone, Kraig Rasmussen

1:00-2:00pm: Lisa Dosson, John Gervais

2:00-3:00pm: Mark Badger, Lee Marrs

3:00-4:00pm: Eddie DeAngelini, Ambrose Quintanilla IV

4:00-5:00pm: Michael Son and friends

5:00-6:00pm: Christine Knopp, Gemma Correll

6:00-7:00pm: Thien Pham

Saturday, July 20

11:00am-12:00pm: Jeffrey Brown, Maia Kobabe

12:00-1:00pm: Shaenon K. Garrity, Phil Foglio

1:00-2:00pm: Kim Dwinell, Greg Evans

2:00-3:00pm: Andy Runton, Aron Steinke

3:00-4:00pm: Nomi Kane, Lalo Alcaraz

4:00-5:00pm: Ron Yavnieli, Bill Morrison

5:00-6:00pm: Shannon Wheeler, Mark Badger

6:00-7:00pm: Kraig Rasmussen, Thien Pham

Sunday, July 21

11:00am-12:00pm: James A. Owen, Ron Yavnieli

12:00-1:00pm: Greg Espinoza, Thien Pham

1:00-2:00pm: Kraig Rasmussen, Shannon Wheeler

2:00-3:00pm: Andrew Farago, Greg McCrary