The Cartoon Art Museum returns to San Diego Comic-Con!


The Cartoon Art Museum returns to San Diego Comic-Con!

Join us at booth #1930 for our twelfth annual Sketch-A-Thon fundraiser! Comic book artists, webcartoonists, animators, and illustrators will once again lend their talents in support of the Cartoon Art Museum as they create custom original art for Comic-Con attendees! This year's roster includes Hugo Award-winning Girl Genius cartoonist Phil Foglio, MAD Magazine artist Tom Richmond, The Nib columnist Nomi Kane, and Prism Award nominee Sina Grace, among other top talents. A full schedule of artists is available below. Custom drawings are priced from $10 and up. The Cartoon Art Museum will also offer a selection of exhibition catalogs and cartoon books at its Comic-Con booth.

In addition, the Cartoon Art Museum is proud to participate in a number of panel discussions and workshops, as well as the second annual Prism Awards, honoring Diversity and Recognition in Comics. See below for the full roster, or use the official Comic-Con app for the latest news in Cartoon Art Museum programming.

Cartoon Art Museum Programming Schedule for Comic-Con International 2018

Thursday, July 19

ABOUT COMICS: 20th Anniversary, 12:00-1:00pm, Room 32AB

Nat Gertler (founder, About Comics), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, 24 Hour Comics), and Lea Hernandez (Teen Titans Go!) celebrate About Comics, launched 20 years ago as a one-man publishing company which-after launching 24 Hour Comics Day, finding lost Charles Schulz material, reprinting The Negro Motorist Green Book, and more-it still is. Moderated by Andrew Farago (curator, Cartoon Art Museum).

MONSTERS IN OUR MIDST, 1:30-2:30pm, Room 8

Love things that go bump in the night? Hear what it takes to get those monsters out of your nightmares and onto the page with Comic-Con special guests Rafael Albuquerque, Emil Ferris, Alex Grecian, Jeff Lemire, Terry Moore, and William Stout. Moderated by the Cartoon Art Museum's Andrew Farago.

Friday, July 20

PEANUTS FAMILY ALBUM, 12:00-1:00pm, Grand 9, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Everyone knows Charlie Brown and Snoopy, but did you know that Charles M. Schulz created more than 70 original characters for the Peanuts comic strip? Some became world-famous icons, but many . . . did not. Lex Fajardo (Kid Beowulf), Rachel Fellman (Charles M. Schulz Museum), Brian Fies (A Fire Story), Nat Gertler (About Comics), Lonnie Millsap (bacön), Jeff Pidgeon (Toy Story), and moderator Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum) look back at some of their favorite forgotten Peanuts characters, from Charlotte Braun and Shermy to Tapioca Pudding and Truffles!

Saturday, July 21

COMEDY IN COMICS, 2:00-3:00pm, Room 29AB

Do you like to make people laugh? How easily does that translate to the written page? Moderator Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum) leads Comic-Con special guests Lynn Johnston, Larry Marder, Lonnie Millsap, Noah Van Sciver, and Shannon Wheeler in this no-holds-barred discussion of things hilarious!


The 1980s was a truly outrageous decade that saw an unprecedented animation boom that made household names of a host of colorful characters. Author Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum) looks back at that totally awesome era with some of the creative personnel behind some of the most popular cartoons of the decade, including producer Franklin Cofod (Voltron), voice actor Townsend Coleman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), director Larry Houston (G.I. Joe), and storyboard artist Jeff Pidgeon (Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures).

CARTOON ART MUSEUM DEMO: Watercolor for Cartooning, 7:00-8:00pm, Room 11

Watercolors can be a magical medium for any artform including comics. Watch and learn beginner- to advanced-technique demonstrations by Alina Chau meant specifically for use in comics with an introduction by Cartoon Art Museum educator and program coordinator Nina L. Taylor Kester (Cartoon Camp). Observe these professional cartoonists using this classic medium to create wondrous works of comic art. Lucky attendees may win some of the art created or go home with new art supplies to start their own watercolor adventure. Materials provided by Sakura of America.

PRISM AWARDS: Diversity and Recognition in Comics, 8:00-9:00pm, Room 29AB

The winners of the Second Annual Prism Awards will be revealed in this new awards ceremony. Founders Ted Abenheim (Prism Comics) and Nina L. Taylor Kester (Cartoon Art Museum/QCE), Prism Awards chairperson Maia Kobabe (Gender Queer: A Memoir), judges Ajuan Mance (1001 Black Men, Gender Studies), William O. Tyler (WoT's Cinephilia), Heidi McDonald (The Comics Beat), Mey Rude (Autostraddle), and Rob McMonigal (Panel Patter) will discuss the origins of the awards and their emerging role in recognizing, promoting, and celebrating diversity and excellence in the field of queer comics as they present the handcrafted Prism Awards to the winning creators to celebrate their contributions.

Sunday, July 22

A LIFE’S WORK: Long-Term Comics Projects, 11:00am-12:00pm, Room 25ABC

Sometimes it is hard to even get started on a project, let alone one that can span weeks, or even years! Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum) finds out what it takes to start and finish a long-term comics project. Comic-Con special guests Lynn Johnston, Jason Lutes, Scott McCloud, and Terry Moore share their expertise in making it and making it work!

CARTOON ART MUSEUM WORKSHOP: Drawing Characters, 2:00-3:00pm, Room 11

Cartoon Art Museum educators Nina L. Taylor Kester (Cartoon Camp/ Peanuts colorist), Melissa Pagluica (Above the Clouds), and Matt Harding (Not Forgotten /Hyperdrive!) conduct a beginner workshop for the whole family. Fans young and old looking to get started in drawing cartoons and creating characters can follow along in this interactive program. Learn how to use basic shapes to create characters, including some of your favorites. Then learn how to add unique details to make them your own! To help you follow along, drawing materials are provided by Sakura of America.