Opened to the public in the fall of 2017, with a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay, the Cartoon Art Museum’s new location at 781 Beach Street in San Francisco is just one block from Aquatic Park, the Maritime Museum, Ghirardelli Square, and the Hyde Street cable car turnaround. The new space allows the museum to design a perfect venue for viewing, discussing, creating, and interacting with all forms of cartoon art and connecting with the artists who make it. The 1912 brick building features a beautiful historic façade, prominent street presence, convenient parking, and easy access to and from public transportation. It offers highly visible public access to the Museum’s nearly 8,000 square feet of spacious galleries with a screening area, classrooms, bookstore, library and collections facility.

When you envision the Cartoon Art Museum’s new home, think of a place where…

  • You and your entire family are excited to see all kinds of cartoon art, discover how it was created, and meet the artists who made it.
  • You chuckle while you gain insight into various political viewpoints, cultures, and historical eras—without needing to study.
  • You look around and—no matter where you were born—you always see a bit of your world on display.
  • You can mine the depths of research and closely inspect our vast collection of original cartoon art and publications.
  • You relish getting your hands messy and feel energized when you admire your new creation.
  • Your child dreams about becoming a cartoonist while enjoying our classes— and scholarships are available to ensure that every child can become easily inspired.